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a little short for a stormtrooper [userpic]
.hack//SIGN Characters
by a little short for a stormtrooper (wingdance)
at August 25th, 2005 (09:18 pm)

If there is anyone I'm missing that is a main character, please leave a comment and I will add them.

Aura - A strange, sleeping girl.

Bear - Friendly and well-mannered, he is friends with both Mimiru and BT. In real life, he seems to be an older man who plays The World when not at work.

B.T. - BT is naturally curious about what's happening and involves herself in it even when she has nothing to do with what's going on. She's a friend of Bear's, and Mimiru doesn't like her.

Crim - Formerly a member of the Crimson Knights, he left. Subaru has trouble with this since she seems to like him while being annoyed with him at the same time. In real life, he is a traveling businessman.

Ginkan - See 'Silver Knight'.

Maha - A mysterious cat creature who gave Tsukasa the monster that Data Drained people and seems to be keeping an eye on Aura.

Mimiru - The first to get involved with Tsukasa's plight, she tries to help even though he annoys her. In real life, she's a high school student.

Silver Knight - Second-in-command of the Crimson Knights, he is loyal to Subaru and dislikes Crim. He dislikes waiting and likes to take care of things himself to make sure it gets done.

Sora - A PK who changes alliances at the drop of a hat, with no obvious motivation other than to have fun and not be bored. In real life, he seems to be a pre-teen, since he mentions a bedtime once and generally acts childish.

Subaru - Leader of the Crimson Knights, she feels pity for Tsukasa once she finds out what's wrong and does her best to help out and try to understand.

Tsukasa - He is stuck inside the game, literally. His consciousness is locked in, and he really feels, sees, even smells what's going on in The World. He cannot log out. Maha seems to be trying to use him for unknown purposes.