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a little short for a stormtrooper [userpic]
events leading up to the release of The World
by a little short for a stormtrooper (wingdance)
at August 19th, 2005 (08:07 pm)

End of 20th Century
The global information highway known as the "internet" is born from the Department of Defense's ARPANET. By 1999, the internet is accessible to most of the world.

Beginning of 21st Century
Through spread of the network, "Democratization of Information" occurs. As a result, it becomes difficult to conceal information. Dictatorships and police states are on the verge of extinction. By the end of the first five years of the 21st Century, communist dictatorship in East Asia and military states in the Middle East either disappear from the face of the Earth, or are forced to change their system of government. However, problems with network hackers attacking host servers and instigating other internet crimes exponentially increase as they change their methods of operation and increase the frequency of their attacks.

October 2002
The World Network Council* (WNC) is formed under the United Nations. All countries with internet enviroments are obligated to join the council.

*An organization that administers all information related to the network and is responsible for the healthy development and execution of the internet. All countries with internet environments are obligated to join. Treaty countries and representatives of each continent create the committee that governs the council. General meetings are held four times anually, and resolutions voted upon must be upheld. Committee members at the time of the birth of the WNC represented 14 countries: United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa.

January 2003
WNC Winter General Meeting* is held (the first WNC general meeting). Each country quickly discloses their differences in expectations and difficulty in making adjustments. It becomes a general meeting that tests the limits of the WNC.

*The main agenda was internet crime. Presentations and debates on counter-measures against hackers, recnt computer viruses, criminal techniques, and laws to protect victims were discussed. Resolutions of severe penalties for hacking, support for the development of an OS that can withstand virus attacks, creation of an emergency manual in the incidence of network emergency, orders to companies and server administrators on the presentation of security measures, and the preparation of an international network police force were passed.

April 2003
Outbreak of the net type of virus, "Hello WNC*," occurs. The M Company's e-mail program, which held 70% of the market share at the time, is targeted. In the end, there were over several million reports of damage.

*A new type of virus that possesses all characteristics of past known viruses: self-perpetuating and transmitting, capable of leaking personal information, and destruction of data.

July 2003
WNC Summer General Meeting is held. The main agenda on the table is the counter-measure against "Hello WNC." International public opinion opposing this necessity quickly rises as WNC is unable to reach any decision or take any drastic or landmark measures.

December 2003
Outbreak of a new type of virus, "Deadly Flash*," occurs. Seven people are dead. The death penalty is rules for the first time in internet crime history for the Japanese man who created the virus.

*A virus that emits continuous high powered light signals on the monitor when the computer is turned on. Violent stimulation of the pituitary glands results in convulsions, seizures, and conscious disorders.

April 2004
WNC Spring General Meeting is held. The Japanese, German, and Italian delegations propose the concept of "New Generation Hyper Net*," but it is vetoed by the objections from the United States and China. As a result, only agendas such as the "Advancement of Research and Investigation of New Types of Viruses," "Support for New Development of Security Techniques," and "Stronger Punishment for Cyber Crimes such as Hacking and Computer Virus Creations" are voted upon.

*A proposal that outlines the development of a basic, universal OS to replace the current OS that is unable to cope with the newly evolved viruses and sophisticated cyber crimes committed by hackers.

August 2004
The host computer of the Swiss Banks is hacked. Losses are reported to be over 80 billion dollars. A terrorist organization active in the 20th Century claims responsibility, but the culprit is yet to be apprehended.

January 2005
Stock prices in the New York Stock Exchange repeatedly show high surges and drops. From a manifesto issued by the culprit, it becomes clear that the main computers in the Stock Exchange on Wall Street and major security companies have been hacked. The culprit is yet to be caught.

Spring-Fall 2005
With the surge in cyber crime, the existence of the WNC, which only openly displays the slogan of "Support for Security Development" and "Elimination of Cyber Crimes," becomes questionable.

December 2005
"Pluto's Kiss*" outbreak occurs. All networks on the globe crash on December 24th. Almost all computers and communication control systems connected to the network experience malfunctions, wreaking havoc and chaos over the world. This day the network that has spread to the far reaches of the globe, "meets death." The network recovers 77 minutes after the incident, but inherent dangers such as the triggering of the United States' nuclear defense systems and automated counter-strike program still loom. The culprit is a 10-year-old grade school student. The "Democratization of Cyber Crimes" results as a consequence of the "Democratization of Information."

*Damage reports from "Pluto's Kiss" include: world market chaos due to the cease of online stock exchange, blow to major hospitals with main computer failure, in turn affecting life support systems and other surgery software, destruction of client information management resulting from computer system malfunctions in the financial markets, numerous automotive and mass transit accidents due to system failure of traffic signals, malfunction of mass transit management systems, and the cease of air traffic controls in airports resulting in airplane crashes throughout the world.

January 2006
Jim Stonecold, the 44th President of the United States of America, resigns, taking responsibility for the "Pluto's Kiss" incident.

WNC Winter General Meeting is held. The proposal of "New Generation Hyper Net" from 2004 resurfaces and the only OS the evaded the "Pluto's Kiss," ALTIMIT*, is designated as the universal basic operating system.

*The only OS unaffected by the "Pluto's Kiss" incident. Boasting high sophistication and emergency management systems, it is far more resilient to already existing computer systems.

Summer 2006
The business OS, "ALTIMIT," becomes available to the general public. Also around this time, the core members of the ALTIMIT developing team depart from the company and establish CyberConnect Corporation.

A German programmer named Harald Hörwick brings the network game "Fragment" to CC Corporation.

January 2007
The next generation network system using ALTIMIT spreads across the world. A communication betwork volume before the "Pluto's Kiss" is completed. ALTIMIT Co. (headquartered in San Francisco) establishes local subsidiaries in 12 different locations throughout the globe.

May 2007
Testing of the ALTIMIT network game "Fragment" begins. After the "Pluto's Kiss" incident, all forms of network entertainment are restricted, but this project is granted special permission from the WNC to be conducted to invigorate the currently dead network entertainment markets.

July 2007
"Fragment" dominates the board for network users. Remors spread the "Fragment" is based upon the network epic "Epitaph of Twilight" which is famous among certain groups of users. CC Corporation joins the international stock market.

October 2007
WNC makes an official announcement that as of October 31st, nearly 100% of all network servers in the world have been ported to ALTIMIT OS. It is also announced that all network restrictions will be lifted as of midnight, December 24th (Network Peace Proclamation). The United Nations votes to make this day an international holiday know as "Virgin's Kiss."

CC Corporation issues a press release and officially announced the release of the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, "The World," which is also the official title of the game known as "Fragment." The release date is almost universal throughout the globe, with download available at midnight on December 24th, as "Virgin's Kiss" holiday begins.

First Half of November 2007
Reservation for "The World" begins. 1 million users log in the first hour. CC Corporation's total stock value surpasses ALTIMIT Co.

Second Half of November 2007
Rumors of "The World" not being released spreads among the network community. CC Corporation denies the rumor.

December 24th, 2007
"Virgin's Kiss" arrives. President Alex Coleman announced the "Network Peace Proclamation" to the world. Download of "The World*" commences.

*The widespread popularity of "The World" is the result of its high quality game content, but also the realization and fulfillment of the users' need for network entertainment. "The World" is available in 12 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swahili, and Hindu. 4,576,723 users downloaded on its first day. Total download figures in 2007 alone is 6,584,917. By 2008, there are over 10 million users worldwide, and it is announced that within two years the total number of users worldwide will reach 15 million.